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Adam Hankin


Fixed monthly pay? There’s a more flexible way!

About his talk

Have you ever stopped and asked why the majority of people are paid monthly? For most of us, we’ve never known anything different. However, times are changing and our lives are instant and on-demand. So why isn’t our pay? In Adam’s talk he will challenge the status quo on monthly pay, look at the rise in “flexibility” in the workplace and whether pay could fit in with that, alongside any benefits that offering flexible pay could bring to the employee and employer.

About Adam

Adam is the CEO and founder of Wagestream.  It’s fair to say Adam likes a bit of disruption. In his 15 years in Ireland he has disrupted real estate photography (The Virtual Tour Co), SME marketing (LivingSocial), SME finance (LinkedFinance) and now, the biggest of them all, how we are paid (Wagestream). He likes nothing more than taking traditional methods, challenging them and turning them on their head.

Having launched Wagestream last year, Adam is on a mission to improve employee financial wellbeing and to rid Ireland of predatory high interest short term lenders and overdraft fees.  Aside from tech disruption his passion is cooking but Adam enjoys his evenings and weekends too much to ever work in the industry!