Andrew Blair at DisruptHR

Andrew Blair

Head of HR
HSBC Ireland

‘All about Eve’ – how curiosity creates alertness to change

About his talk

Andrew will discuss how to reconnect with our inner curious child to overcome our natural and understandable resistance to change. Especially fundamental change that threatens our current state.  He will challenge us to face our natural dissonant feelings and to develop an everyday culture of challenge to the status quo.

Andrew will tell us how we can create a culture of ongoing readiness for change by demoting failure and putting it aside as part of the process of experimenting and learning.  He’ll ask us to listen to critics and examine different attitudes and methods to create both understanding and learning.  In this way change will not surprise us, but become part of why we work and live.

About Andrew

Andrew is Head of Human Resources for HSBC Ireland.  Over the last 30 years, he has worked predominantly in the Financial Services sector across a broad spectrum of HR.  He began his career as a qualified Occupational Psychologist with NFER NELSON in London and was heavily involved in the development and application of Psychometrics.  He also worked as head of Recruitment for Eagle Star in the UK and helped establish the new Telemarketing company Eagle Star Direct guiding the heavily unionised organisation through a fundamental shift in its operating model.

Following his return to Ireland he worked with Bank of Ireland Securities Services and Business Banking through the boom – and crash!  The experience of working in such an environment during a period of phenomenal growth and decline has smoothed off all his rough edges!  His work within HSBC today is focused on supporting an inclusive culture.  He is particularly interested in creating a truly flexible working environment with the goal of providing individual work life balance for all.