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Clint Clarkson

Founder & Managing Partner
eLearning Alchemy Ltd.

Training Guru Says…

About his talk

For decades, corporate learning professionals have been fighting to prove their worth and justify their existence. Unfortunately, the vast majority of learning professionals have been looking for answers to this problem in all the wrong places. To shift the perception of L&D from “cost centre” to “strategic imperative,” L&D professionals need to shift their focus from “the learner” to “the business.” This shift creates a tremendous obstacle for many L&D professionals who find themselves inadequately equipped for this challenge. At times like these, we need to go in search of a Training Guru…

About Clint

Clint Clarkson is just another victim who accidentally stumbled down the rabbit hole of corporate learning and development. Over 15 years later, having made stops in the banking and transportation industries, he’s become quite fond of the oddities and challenges this line-of-work has to offer. While he’s known for being upbeat, positive, and enthusiastic, Clint is still easily offended by the ‘comic-sans’ type font, bullet points and the excessive use of buzzwords. His current focus is the design and development of digital knowledge experiences (a.k.a. eLearning) and helping organisations use these experiences in a way that changes employee behaviour for improved business results. His passion project is the ‘L&D Scenes’ comic series, which can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter and other social media channels.