Speaker Profiles

Jonathan Logue

Director, Learning & Development

Compassionate leadership is not ‘soft’!

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Wendy Chin

Pinnacle HR

Build it and they will come (and stay)

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Andrew Cunningham

Chief Commercial Officer, EMEA
Health Solutions

Why current wellbeing strategies are doomed to fail

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Yvonne Kearney

Non-Commissioned Officer
Irish Defence Forces

Tradition, hierarchy and innovation;
Never the twain shall meet?

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Andrew Blair

Head of HR
HSBC Ireland

‘All about Eve’ – how curiosity creates alertness to change

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Gary Keegan

CEO, Uppercut

Ruth Keegan

HR Director, Novo Nordisk

How team identity fuels high performance

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Maeve McMahon

Marketing & Colleague Communications Director,
Commercial Business and Private Bank, RBS

The ‘C’ Word

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Derek O'Donnell

Derek O’Donnell

Senior Vice-President
Business Optimisation, Brambles

Don’t hide. We need our HR professionals out front and holding our leaders accountable

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Peter Burke

Wealth DC Strategist Leader

Typical approach to pensions won’t work anymore

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Bébhinn Walsh

Global Employee Experience

Re-imagining Employee Experience!

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Triona Price Smith

VP Global Head of HR Operations
Icon plc

Welcome to the Darkside…disrupting HR from within

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Adam Hankin


Fixed monthly pay? There’s a more flexible way!

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Derek Howard

The Customer

Event MC

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