Wendy Chin at DisruptHR

Wendy Chin

Pinnacle HR

Build it and they will come (and stay)

About her talk

Wendy will share with you why Emotional and Social Intelligence (EI) matters. EI is an essential and fundamental skill for employees, teams and leaders to have, embrace and grow.

HR leaders who hard-wire EI into their people purpose, strategy, and practices will future proof their organisations with emotionally intelligent leaders, deliver bottom-line performance, generate better outcomes, and solve their talent acquisition and retention challenges.

About Wendy

About Wendy
Wendy is the Founder of Pinnacle HR, a boutique HR and Talent consultancy who specialise in Talent Acquisition, Executive Coaching and HR Consulting. She and her team of associates partner with organisations to develop their people strategy; source and hire key talent; and coach their senior executives and teams to become emotionally intelligent leaders.

A native of California, Wendy enjoys connecting with her 4 children; escaping for autumn sun in Sicily; and is passionate about creating a positive ripple effect in the lives of others.