Yvonne Kearney at DisruptHR

Yvonne Kearney

Non-Commissioned Officer
Irish Defence Forces

Tradition, hierarchy and innovation;
Never the twain shall meet?

About her talk

Discipline, structure and hierarchy are some of the keys to success in the unique working environment of the military. In serious operational and defensive situations there is a requirement for disciplined immediate action from a highly trained and well-rehearsed, cohesive team.

Yet in business, we hear so much about the need to engage and develop our people through coaching and seeking input and ideas from all to drive greater innovation and success for all.

In her talk ‘Tradition, hierarchy and innovation: Never the twain shall meet?’, through the lens of coaching, leadership development and the Defence Forces Leadership Doctrine, Yvonne will explore how we can marry innovation and change with tradition and hierarchy, even in the unique environment of the military.

About Yvonne

Yvonne is a professional soldier and Non-Commissioned Officer in the Irish Defence Forces with over 21 years’ military experience both at home and on United Nations Peacekeeping and Partnership for Peace missions overseas.

She is an accredited Psychotherapist with a Masters in Personal and Business Coaching. Yvonne is currently driving a change management process in the Defence Forces, where she provides leadership around the implementation of a new coaching model to support leadership development across the organisation.

As a soldier, Yvonne has experienced that mental strength, success and high-performance result from disciplined thinking and action. As a psychotherapist, she recognises the need for compassionate understanding of the nature of the human heart and mind, and in her coaching practice she supports and challenges individuals to realise their full potential.